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Universal Packing List Tool

Universal Packing List Tool

Savvy Navigator is often asked about the optimal packing strategy. Whether it’s a gay tour and safari to South Africa or a quick getaway with the boys to the beach, the greatest fear of many travelers is arriving at their destination sans suitable stuff. And then what’s a boy to do?

One tool Savvy Navigator recently discovered is the Universal Packing List website. While it’s not 100% suitable for all gay travel, it does a mighty fine job of priming the packing pump. Using this packing wizard will eliminate the initial overwhelm of starting the lading process and get the ball rolling and that suitcase filled.

After entering your trip parameters into the homepage, drop-down menus, a comprehensive packing list is produced. The output is an extensive - suitable for printing - checklist, which includes handy pre-departure don’t forget to reminders.

It ain’t perfect, and Savvy Navigator would love to see this tool be further developed to offer greater options and details (such as as numbers of each particular item to pack). But lacking other web-based packing options at this point, this tool is a good start.

The key learning here for Savvy Navigator is that he needs to spend some time with the WhyFor Design boys to develop the perfect tool for his own website.

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