Heading to India, Africa, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, or a myriad of other destinations? Ask the Savvy Navigator – he’ll show you the way.

Jeffrey Ward is the Savvy Navigator. A twenty-five-year veteran of the travel industry, Jeff began his career at the age of 8, memorizing seating configurations on the newly launched 747’s. He went on to book all of his family’s holidays, college friends’ years abroad, and more honeymoons than Club Med. Over a decade with American Airlines, Jeff concentrated on perfecting the customer experience, pioneering airport automation, ticketless travel, and setting up the oneworld marketing alliance. From 2010 until 2014, he was the founder and managing partner of AfricanSafaris.com, which he recently sold! As he again reinvents himself in the travel space as The Savvy Navigator, luxury-travel enthusiast and go-to guy, he now connects US travelers with his network of luxury travel agents and bespoke, specialty tour operators around the world.

Jeff’s a native Texan, and received his MBA from the JL Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. When not traveling the globe to uncover luxury travel experiences, he commutes between Manhattan’s West Village in NYC and Hollywood, CA. And sometimes his spouse and extremely chill Golden Retriever, #CarlNYC, are in tow

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