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We love Buenos Aires. There’s no other city in the world like it, and it embodies the best of both Europe and Latin America. Yeah, some critics allege that it’s a city continuing to rest along the laurels of its faded glory, but we find it enchanting. As one Savvy friend puts it, “If you love dining late at night, in the company of beautiful people, consuming the best red meat and drinking amazing Malbec, you’ll love Argentina.”

Jan 20th

A recent discovery of ours is Casa Felix, a pop-up supper club in the Chacarita district of B.A. Chef Felix and his wife invite just 15 guests into their home a few times a week for a wonderful, intimate dinner. Using locally-sourced ingredients and fresh produce & herbs from their garden, dinner is an epicurean’s dream.

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When you’re ready to book your dream trip to Buenos Aires, let us know, and we’ll show you the way.