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Our friend and African Safari client Joe Sabia, took four of his friends on an amazing photo safari in Zimbabwe last December. In addition to seeing some amazing game in the bush, Joe found a lost digital photo card while on a game drive. He took the card home, explored the contents of the card, and he’s now trying to find the rightful owner of the card. Can you help him find the owner?

Joe is a very talented filmmaker and producer, so please watch his incredibly smart and funny video to experience one of the most interesting stories to result from one of our African safaris.


And if you’re interested in some of Joe’s other safari photos, take a look at these great shots from his safari in Hwange National Park. You’ll see what an awesome time he and his friends had:

Safari Joe in HwangeBull Elephant CruisingAlpha Male LionElephants in Hwange National Park in ZimbabweMore Lions in HwangeBaobab Tree Gang

If you’d like to take a similar safari in Zimbabwe or elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll help you plan this dream of a lifetime!

All safari photos © 2016 from Joe’s friend Weston Green!