Whether Ultra Luxury, an Expedition Adventure, or a Relaxing River, We Will Find the Right Cruise Vacation For You

Get on board with blissful rest and relaxation

If you’re looking to explore the world at a gentler pace, nothing comes close to an oceanic, river, or expeditionary cruise. Inspired cuisine, unmatched hospitality, and all the creature comforts add to trips that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Savvy’s Top 6 Reasons to get on board:

Cruise vacations offer great value

Fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip: food, accommodation, daytime and evening entertainment, and transportation between travel destinations.

See multiple destinations

You only have to unpack once! Your floating hotel takes you from city to city, bank to river bank, or island to island.

Ships come in all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re looking for a megaship with activities for all ages, a 12-person river barge or anything in-between, modern cruises are built to satisfy. Whatever you want to see or wherever you want to go, there’s a cruise that’s just the fit waiting for you.

Cruise vacations are easy to plan

Pick your ship, itinerary, and cabin, and away you go. No coordinating travel between cities or searching for hotels in your price range.

Cruising is romantic

The wind in your hair, the languid pace, a table for two at dinner, and stars twinkling above – all add to a sublime setting ideal for couples or honeymooners.

Set sail for adventure

Take a page from the maritime explorers’ books with an expedition cruise to far-flung locations on authentic expeditionary vessels. 

Let us help you plan and book your perfect cruise getaway!