Change Your Life With An African Safari

Get up close and personal to Africa’s unspoiled wildlife experience

Visiting Africa’s wilderness regions is quite simply life-changing. Whether you want to rough it with a self-drive tour, chase adventure on a white-water raft, or pamper yourself with all the trimmings at a private game lodge, you’re in for pure enchantment under vast African skies.

Savvy’s Top Ten African Safari Experiences:

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda


Tucked between Kenya and Tanzania, Rwanda’s lush vegetation and romantic mountainous terrain offer some of the best-endangered primates tracking you could ever hope to experience. It’s also one of the most regulated park systems in the world, protecting the safety of the gorilla troops. Watching these extraordinary animals foraging, slumbering, and teasing each other will change you for the better.  

Great migration viewing in the Serengeti


Nothing can compare to witnessing this unmatched phenomenon of the African wild. Witness over two million Wildebeest as they make their epic annual trek across Northern Tanzania and Kenya in search of green pasture.  

Walking safaris in Zambia


Feel the back-to-nature excitement with a couple of days and nights of legendary walks through the African bush. Nothing will get you closer to nature.

Big 5 spotting safari in Kruger National Park


World famous for its unparalleled lodges, wine menus, and game drives, exploring Kruger by day or night offers unlimited opportunities to spot lions, leopards, black rhinoceros, African bush elephants, and African buffalo. 

Microlighting over the Victoria Falls


Widely known as the adventure capital of Africa, Victoria Falls is an adrenaline junkie’s dream and one of the world’s best-known waterfalls. Take an exhilarating flight with breathtaking views of this African jewel.

Canoe tripping on the Zambezi


Taking a trip to one of the world’s great rivers as the mist begins to lift is an experience second to none. Watch hippos glide back into the tranquil waters after a night of foraging and delight in watching the wilderness come to life on the banks around you,

Chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania


Enjoying a close encounter with these charming primates on the banks of Lake Tanganyika in Mahale National Park will bring joy and wonder to anyone’s world. 

Maasai village visit in Kenya


Cultural encounters don’t get any better than this. Immerse yourself in the ancient traditional culture of the Maasai people, one of the most photographed tribes on the African continent. From their lively cultural dance, vibrant clothing, and beautifully crafted handiwork, this experience is not to be missed.

Ngorongoro Crater game viewing in Tanzania


One of Africa’s most unique wilderness areas, this is a place of varied ecosystems and countless wildlife, making it a hotspot for the most spectacular game viewing you could ever wish for.

Luxury Camping the Okavango Mokoro Delta


Camping out in the wilds surrounded by the big game of Africa is an unforgettable experience. Explore the channels and islands of the delta by day, then relax under the stars of the African night.

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