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After an exhilarating day in our beloved Paris, we like to fully immerse ourselves in classic Parisian culture, and by “culture,” we really mean local food! Specifically, we prefer to go to big brasserie-style restaurants for dinner or enjoy an evening cocktail in one of the luxurious lounges in our absolutely favorite hotel, the Esprit St. Germain. There are a myriad of places to eat, and many within walking distance of the hotel! And while Savvy prefers a hearty, meat-heavy French meal, here are top eleven places in Paris for a savory experience.

1. La Coupole

Ever since the 1980s, when Savvy Founder Jeff Ward first walked into La Coupole, it became not only his favorite brasserie but one of his most-loved restaurants of all time!  We typically avoid the touristy route of travel, and this authentic brasserie makes you feel like a “local.”  La Coupole makes it easy with their online reservation system and English menus (when requested). This is a place where the people at the table next to you may actually be Parisian! (4e Arrondissement)

2. Bofinger

Another one of our faves is Bofinger, an authentic brasserie that gives an experience similar to La Coupole. Bofinger specializes in Alsatian cuisine (think hybrid German and French), and is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Paris (request a table under the dome). Although it does require an Uber ride to get over to the right bank, it is well worth the mini excursion through Paris. (4e Arrondissement)

3. La Closerie de Lilas

Since we also love other peoples’ experiences and embrace other travelers’ opinions… La Closerie de Lilas, located on the left bank, is Jeff’s godparents’ favorite restaurant. It is a fabulous combination of elegant and relaxed, and it is also probably the most “grown up” spot on the list. Be sure to try their Kir Royal champagne cocktail, too, with its perfect blend of Champagne and Creme de Cassis! (6e Arrondissement)

4. Brasserie Lipp

During an eventful day of touring in Paris, a wonderful place to sit down and enjoy lunch is a lovely spot right in St. Germain called Brasserie Lipp. As you walk through the revolving doors, you are welcomed into an unparalleled traditional Parisian dining experience, also in the company of a local crowd! (6e Arrondissement)

5. George

As fans of museums, our trip to the Centre Pompidou (in the Marais) was quite literally topped off with lunch at the restaurant George, which is located on the top floor of the largest museum of modern art. You can avoid the lines and entry fees with this Savvy tip — There is an elevator (if you are facing the museum from the front) to the left that takes you straight to the top no questions asked!! George gives a modern experience (just like the museum!) with a spectacular view of Paris. And our favorite dish at George? The beef carpaccio and arugula salad! (4e Arrondissement)

6. L’As du Fallafal

If you need a little break from all that delicious French food, there is always Savvy’s business coach’s favorite falafel place (also in the Marais) named L’As du Fallafal. Although L’As du Fallafal can be deemed as a tourist spot, it is for sure worth a lunch-time visit. Need a quick meal on the go? This is the spot! (4e Arrondissement)

7. Cafe Bonaparte

Our absolute favorite Croque Monsieur comes from Cafe Bonaparte!!  And the bonus is that it is within walking distance of our favorite hotel. Cafe Bonaparte is an exquisite place to dine and unwind, while absorbing Parisian culture and watching its fast-paced world parade by. Savvy Founder Jeff’s favorite lunch here is the Croque Monsieur and Diet Coke! (6e Arrondissement)

8. Les Deux Magots

Close by Café Bonaparte is a classic Paris café,  Les Deux Magots. A perfect place for morning or afternoon coffee, Le Deux Magots never disappoints with an authentic glimpse of life in Paris. On our last visit, Karl Lagerfeld strolled nonchalantly by and was left completely alone by the patrons, giving him the true feeling of being a “local!” (6e Arrondissement)

9. Le Cherche Midi


Looking for Italian fare and exquisite décor?  A trip to one of the Savvy Spouse’s favorite place is Le Cherche Midi is definitely in order!  Le Cherche Midi guarantees A+ quality food and a richly charming experience—it is for sure a Paris classic! And while Italian food in France may seem counterintuitive, sometime one just needs a break from French food and wants a big bowl of pasta! (6e Arrondissement)

10. Boucherie Rouliere

On our last trip, we asked the hotel concierge for a place that is local, intimate, and authentic. He sent us to a small, meat-lovers bistro right near the hotel called Boucherie Rouliere. Even though Boucherie Rouliere was new to us, it was exactly what we asked for and it is now  a pleasant addition to our list! Again, the place was full of both locals and visitors alike. (6e Arrondissement)

11. Poilane Paris

After exploring and wandering our way through Paris, indulging in that Savvy way, the undeniable sweet tooth hit us. The best way to cure this urge is to step into Poilane Paris. Their made from scratch, hand-crafted sugar cookies are undeniably the best in the world and are a must try! After you have one, you’ll find yourself plotting ways to bring some home for your family, friends, and/or kids! (Multiple Locations)

Whether you are looking for a “local” spot to get coffee or a top of the line cut of meat in Paris, we hope you enjoy one of Savvy’s top eleven places for an authentic savory experience! And if you have a favorite that we should add to this, please share!