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We’re just compiling our new Top 10 List of Places to Visit Now, and guess what everyone is talking about? Cuba! The Savvy Navigator first visited Havana and the Cuban beaches in 2000, and it was not an easy trip for an American. With the recent lifting of the trade embargo, Cuba is now high on evemar 29thryone’s list and it’s easier than ever to visit.

We’re encouraging all of the Savvy tribe to visit sooner, rather than later, before the island becomes another Caribbean island Spring Break destination, overwrought with drunk tourists, bar-hopping in search of Mojito cocktails and Cuban cigars.


What’s on our list of must-see’s in Cuba?

1. The Hotel Nacional, which despite needing renovation, is still the hub of everything cool in Havana
2. The beaches of Varadaro and other resort areas (pristine & no crowds)
3. The camp-coolness and visual opulence of the Copacabana nightclub
4. Old Havana (known to locals as La Habana Vieja) and its charming (and crumbling) architecture
5. Trinidad, the colonial sugar-planation town that one guide book says “went to sleep in 1850 and never woke up!”
The easiest way to get there is with a special-interest group (i.e. foodies, Pan Am enthusiasts, teachers, etc.), but it’s also getting easier to book on your own. We’re still looking for a local partner there, but in the meantime, let us know if you’d like more info on how to book a trip there!mar29