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Do you ever purchase travel insurance? I never did until I started sending folks on African safaris. Over the years I saw numerous benefits of having the coverage, and I now believe that it’s something very important when planning a big trip overseas.

So why buy it? Many foreign luxury trips require non-refundable pre-payment for services, lodging, and excursions. Things happen in the world that are beyond our control, and despite the best planning in place, life happens. Like many of you, I have aging family members with health issues, so this is the primary reason I buy coverage for all my trips.


Here’s a quick and easy travel insurance primer on what’s important to consider when buying travel insurance:

Cancellation: If you need to cancel your trip due to health issues – your own, your traveling companions, or close family – then you receive reimbursement for everything already paid out for deposits, land packages, airline tickets, or anything else.

Trip Interruption: Stuff happens. Hurricane Sandy left some of my favorite honeymooner clients stuck in Johannesburg. They had extra hotel nights and had to buy new airline tickets home. All their expenses were covered. And then, airlines do lose baggage…

Medical Evacuation: Your health insurance plan here at home might cover overseas medical expenses, but it most certainly does not cover medical evacuation. If you’re in a remote part of the world, then you’ll want the peace-of-mind that you’ll be able to get home expeditiously and efficiently to seek medical treatment.

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