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One of our Savvy friends, JP,  had a terrible surprise last week when he tried to go through airport security to catch a flight. Unbeknownst to him, his Trusted Traveler membership had expired after the 5-year term and DHS had neglected to inform him. Here’s his story in his own words, and PLEASE don’t let this happen to you….

“It started in Minneapolis.

After years of whisking through TSA’s Pre-Check line, whether I was flying Delta, American or anyone else, I hit a bump one night and missed a flight to Boston because my boarding pass was missing the crucial Pre-Check marking.

Two weeks later, I was jetting to LAX with my husband, who flies so seldom his mileage has just crossed into the five-digit range on AA. This time HE got Pre-Check, and I had to doff my loafers and walk barefoot through the X-ray machine.

Thinking there could be no further indignation, I was subsequently denied Pre-Check on the way home from LAX – a fate I would wish on no person. Unmarked lanes lead to nowhere; airport employees randomly direct travelers while moving stanchions and creating lines to nowhere. It was exasperating.

After a long series of Facebook rants and indignant text messages to my friends, it occurred to me: TSA Pre-Check advertises its program as five years for $85.

I had expired.

No advance notice, no renewal form, no nothing. I just stopped getting access. Mildly incensed, I visited the TSA web site thinking there would be an easy-peasy renewal process.


As it turns out, whether you qualified previously or not, once your Pre-Check status expires, you go back to square one. Fill out a form, stand in line, go through an interview … and wait.”

So there ya have it! Thanks JP!