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We were chatting today with one of our subscribers who was asking about the best time to book flights using her frequent-flier miles. Most airlines open up their award seats 330 days ahead, so our friend was literally counting off the days in her calendar to figure out the optimal day this year to book her flights in 2016.

Rather than using this manual method (as preferred by the Luddites), we here at Savvy Nav use this snappy online tool that automatically counts the days for us:

Date Calculator to Add or Subtract Dates

For example, if we know that I need to book the first flights for our vacation next year that begins on June 11, 2016, the calculator tells me that I need to start researching on July 17th of this year.

It’s pretty fool-proof and for those of you that are good little planners, it’s a great tool. Give it a try. And if you need help, holler!